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The Ultimate 3 Point Shooting Contest

Who would win in a battle of the game's all-time best sharpshooters?

The legendary Reggie Miller now is a broadcaster on TNT
The legendary Reggie Miller now is a broadcaster on TNT
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

I posted this awhile ago in Fanposts, but as I am now a part of the site I thought it might be fun to revisit.  Plus, we had to add Ray Allen to the mix.  Does Steph's MVP or championship change any of your opinions on the contest?

Warriors guard Steph Curry has gone on record recently say that his dream 3-Pt contest would feature him, his dad, Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller. With so much Indiana Basketball involved with Curry's dream, I started to wonder who would have the advantage between younger Curry, Bird, Miller and the all-time three point king, Ray Allen. Here is just a preview as to how I think this would go down.

Background: Curry is the young gun against three legends in this field, but a 43.3 percent from behind the arc is nothing to sneeze at. Miller, who will forever be immortalized in the hearts of Pacers fans, comes in with a career percentage of 39.5. Miller is also second all-time in baskets made beyond the line. Ray Allen can boast the most threes of all-time (2,973) as well as a forty percent rate.  Bird comes in with the lowest at 37.6 percent.

Round 1:

The first round becomes more of a battle of the mouth between Miller and Bird. The younger and soft spoken Curry is not able to make up the ground in the gab game. Meanwhile, Bird and his machine-like form buries the rest of the field as he takes round one over Miller.  Allen does enough to stay alive and takes out the kid in the process.


Bird- 24

Miller- 22

Allen- 20

Curry- 19

Round Two:

It's a faceoff of the three best sharpshooters in NBA history.  It appears early on that Miller will easily waltz into the finals with Allen following close behind.  Bird decides to kick it up a notch and buries Allen on the last two racks to sneak into the final.  Stunned, Allen's night is now over.


Miller- 22

Bird- 20

Allen- 19


With Ray out of the way, it's up to Indiana's hardwood heroes to duke it out for the prize. Bird tells the panel to make the prize check out to Lawrence Bird and have it ready for when he finishes. Miller replies with "Bird? Bird who?" Miller is consistent through out the first three racks before turning it up a notch. He hits his last 13 shots to put all the pressure on Bird. Bird looks to have a solid lead throughout, but slows on the last two racks and falls to Miller in his last two shots. Miller throws up his signature choke sign and takes home the victory.


Miller- 26

Bird- 23

While this will never happen, unfortunately, it is always something to think about. Curry's dream 3-Pt contest has a representative from the last four generations of legendary shooters. In the meantime, we can only imagine what kind of trash talk would go down between Bird and Miller in their primes.

How do you think the competition would go? Comment below and let me know what you think, make general comments or make fun of my hair... whatever works!