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Get to know Myles Turner on Facebook

The Pacers rookie big man is launching a Facebook page which will give fans a chance to learn more about the big man from Texas who hasn't been a man very long.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that when Myles Turner was born (wayyy back in 1996), his parents sent out a birth announcement which included "First Round Draft Pick" before his name?

You can learn about that and more about Turner's fast track to being the Pacers' top pick at just 19 when the rook launches his Facebook page on Wednesday at 10am ET in an effort to further connect with fans all over the world. Turner has been a pleasant surprise both on and off the court since he was drafted in late June and is poised to be big-time fan favorite once the locals get to know him better.

While Turner has a relatively active Twitter feed (@Original_Turner) with over 21,000 followers, his Facebook page allows a chance to share more and different types content with fans. To start with, you can check out a video which tells the story of Turner's youth, how his parents supported his love of basketball, the ridiculous growth spurts which made buying shoes a short-term investment and then his development into a top college prospect at Trinity High School.

Here's to hoping that first Facebook video on Wednesday will be followed in 15-20 years by video looking back over Turner's Pacers career filled with championships and All-Star appearances.