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NBA Finals Gamethread: Can Steph Curry spice up Game 3 in Cleveland?

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Game 3 shifts the NBA Finals to Cleveland, but with only a travel day between games, will fatigue favor the Warriors even thought the Cavs return home?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

All of the questions surrounding Game 2 centered around the Cavs dealing with the daunting task of being down 1-0 without Kyrie Irving...on the road.

Turns out LeBron James had all of the requisite answers, and if you don't think so, please let Tom Ziller inform your opinion.

Back in Cleveland, will LeBron have enough in the tank to pull off another monster effort?

More importantly, will Steph Curry show up from behind the arc, and anywhere else for that matter, to make LeBron go otherworldly or go down 1-2?

All of the doubts in this series quickly shifted from Cleveland to Golden State but I have a feeling the pressure and expectations will continue swapping sides until this things is finally decided.

Based on the first two games, hopefully it won't be decided until late in Game 7.

So who are you rooting for in this thing? Have to admit I've been rooting for the Cavs (see hopes for a Game 7) but I don't see my allegiance shifting. Strange days, indeed.