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NBA Draft: Pacers draft Myles Turner

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The Indiana Pacers selected Myles Turner out of Texas 11th overall.

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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers made their first lottery selection since 2010, taking Myles Turner out of Texas with the 11th overall pick. Turner has long been a mock draft favorite for the Pacers, the 7 footer was Big 12 Freshman of the Year and measured out extremely well at the combine with a 7'4" wingspan.

Turner led the Big 12 in blocks, but while he possesses some of the most intriguing upside in the draft, Turner doesn't necessarily fit as a prototypical fast paced center. He did possess the ability to hit threes with Texas, hitting 17 on the season.

During his workouts, Candace Bucker reported him to be the most vocal on the court, also noting his ability as a rim protector. The Pacers made an upside pick with Turner, it'll be up to Turner to make the pick pay off for the Pacers front office.