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SBN NBA Mock Draft: Pacers go small with Cameron Payne

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The SBN NBA sites took part in a thorough NBA mock draft that included many trades and much fun. When it was time for the Pacers to pick, small was the call.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The SB Nation NBA sites took part in a full first-round mock draft last week which included my pick at No. 11 for the Pacers. I went for need at point guard with Cameron Payne available (prior to recent finger fracture news) acknowledging that the Pacers don't have a backup nor even third-string point guard on the roster with C.J. Watson leaving via free agency and Donald Sloan also on the free agent market.

While Sloan may remain an option, if the Pacers can score a viable backup option on a rookie contract for this season...with the potential to develop into a bigger future role, the team will fill a vital role. The status of Roy Hibbert and David West would quickly alter this view if both bolt their lucrative player options but until then, the Pacers still expect to compete with the top teams in the East and still need backcourt help which is the tact I took with this pick. Check it out on Ridiculous Upside.

For a more objective view on the pick, check out thoughs on the pick from the the Sonics Rising crew.