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How did you enjoy Reggie Miller's 8.9 seconds of greatness for the Pacers?

The 1995 Eastern Conference playoff series between the Pacers and Knicks highlighted the 90's rivalry between the two teams for any Pacers fan, with the fun starting in the waning seconds of Game 1.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Among the many heroic, late-game shots Reggie Miller delivered for the Indiana Pacers, his signature effort happened 20 years ago today, when he flipped an apparent Game 1 loss into a Madison Square Garden.

Down six with 18.7 seconds left in the game, the Pacers freed up Miller on a sideline out of bounds play for a quick three.

I remained sour, going through the motions after watching the game in an Arlington bar with a couple of boisterous Knicks fans (guess I coulda just said Knicks fans). After the first three, I looked away from the screen, commenting, "Too little, too late."

When my friend, screamed, "What are you doing?"

I looked up to see Miller lining up another three. Boom, baby! I would watch the remainder of the game in stunned silence, like a cat burglar trying to get out of the house with a W before someone wakes up and calls the cops.

Those six points in 5.5 seconds tied the game and put the Knicks in full on choke mode starting with John Starks at the free throw line and then Patrick Ewing bouncing a put back in the lane. Miller capped his 8 points in 8.9 seconds miracle with a pair of foul shots to cap a crazy Game 1 win to what would be a wild 7-game series.

So much fun. If you are old enough to recall, what do you remember about where you were during Reggie's MSG heroics?

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