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George Hill finds the motivation to improve his game and the Pacers at home in the Fieldhouse

George Hill plans to repeat his summer workout regimen that allowed him to put up career numbers last season. Hard work is the only way for Hill to take his game and the Pacers to another level.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Injuries wrecked the first half of George Hill's season, but when he was healthy, Hill was ready to deliver for the Pacers.

Hill's numbers reveal a career high average per game in points (16.1) assists (5.1) and rebounds (4.2). Given the ball and more freedom with Paul George on the sidelines and Lance Stephenson in Charlotte, Hill showed he was capable of filling a more prominent role with the ball in his hands.

Mere opportunity wasn't the reason for the upgrade in production, though, as Hill explained in his post-season interview. Nope, the regular season results were a product of the work put in over the summer when Hill stayed home and work with a member of the Pacers' staff to improve his game.

"I worked with one of our workout guys, Mike DiBenedetto here last summer," Hill explained. "He did a good job with me, really working out every day, working on my game."

Not only did Hill's individual numbers improve, but so did the team when Hill was on the floor. Hill only played in about half (43) of the Pacers games but when he was available the Pacers won 60 percent (26-17) of their games.

"Mike was the key," Hill said. "He really stayed on me all summer, not letting me take days off, not letting me settle. He pushed me every day."

After putting in the time last summer, Hill was able to put in work on the floor. With the return of Paul George, Hill's role will change, but maintaining those type of numbers and remaining a key cog on the offensive end will remain critical as the Pacers expect to move back toward the top of the Eastern Conference.

So if it ain't broke, don't fix it. DiBenedetto is a do-whatever-you-need member of the Pacers staff who does most of his work in the video room but, following a path carved by Frank Vogel, not all of his work. So he will be ready for the call when Hill is ready to work.

"I'm going to do the same thing this year, work with him all summer and hopefully take my game from where it is now to another level."

If successful, Hill might be able to take the Pacers to another level, as well.