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Dutch feature on Rik Smits needs no translation

A Dutch reporter visited Rik Smits in Zionsville for a sports feature focusing on the local basketball hero who exceeded all expectations.

Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images

This two minute feature on Rik Smits is worth the effort even if you don't understand Dutch.

An Andere Tijden Sport reporter from the Netherlands made the trek to Zionsville to catch up with the Dunkin' Dutchman and presumably discuss the development of Smits as a valuable big man for the Pacers. One thing we learn is that Smits never stopped smiling at any point along the way.

Everything about the clip is awesome, from the young Smits footage which includes less-than-impressive basketball highlights to Dutch showing off his Z'ville digs and apparently, discussing how far basketball has taken considering where he started.

Even the translated description of the clip is outstanding:

For this episode went Other Times Sport visited Rik Smits in the American Indianapolis. How can a shy beanpole , who could barely play basketball , became a star in the NBA? A moving story about a hero who wanted to be a hero : from zero to hero.