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Roy Hibbert is learning jiu-jitsu

MMA-style workouts. Ninja movies. Now, jiu-jitsu.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Larry Bird laid out potential plans to reduce Roy Hibbert's role next season, the lumbering big man has basically gone dark. His name is very obviously missing from the announcement for the Caroline Symmes Celebrity Softball Challenge, which benefits the Indiana Children's Wish Fund. Other than promoting his involvement as a special guest for a "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare" community gaming night, he's abstained from social media, and when asked by the Indy Star to respond to Bird's end of the season comments, Hibbert's agent, David Falk, rather succinctly replied, "We will respond at the appropriate time."

While official word on whether Hibbert plans to take his player option still has not been heard, the Big Dawg has finally been seen, incorporating yet another unorthodox training method. Having previously participated in MMA-style workouts in the off-season and spent summer nights watching ninja movies with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it should come as no surprise that Indiana's 7-footer has now decided to try his hand at the fine art of jiu-jitsu (Vine via Ananth Pandian):

The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, where Hibbert is seen training, says here that the Big Dawg was recommended to them by UFC president, Dana White. The Academy's facebook page also lightheartedly says, "Once this guy learns the triangle choke everyone should run for the hills!!!"

Opponents probably won't run for the hills, but dabbling in a little martial arts training (as well as working on his center of gravity) might make Carlos Boozer rethink his previously held opinion of Hibbert.

"[Hibbert] flops a lot," Boozer scoffed,  via ESPN Radio LA. "[He] got up acting like he was a tough guy. We all know he's not a tough guy."