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Pacers found new ways to make winning plays against Wizards

Nothing about the Pacers win over the Wizards was particularly pretty except the final score, but there is beauty in the effort a team puts forth to find a way to win when struggling to execute Plan A (B, C,...).

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The Pacers remain alive kicking in Memphis this morning, still trying to qualify for the playoffs by winning their final game of the season against the Grizzlies. Somehow they survived a mess of a game at the Fieldhouse on Tuesday night that saw a gut-spilling effort overcome sputtering execution (to put it kindly) to beat the Wizards.

Down the stretch of the fourth quarter and in both overtimes the Pacers never gave in when given the opportunity and often, doing the little things turned the game back in their favor. Here are three plays which saved the day for the Pacers to finally put away the W in the second OT.

- Roy Hibbert came to life in the fourth quarter and put the Pacers up four with two minutes to go after putting a slick spin move on Marcin Gortat to go around Gortat's free throw block out attempt. Hibbert slipped under the hoop and tipped in David West's missed freebie which would be big since the Pacers only score two more points in regulation.

- Down two in the first overtime, a jumbled Pacers possession led to a turnover and John Wall eventually headed toward the hoop in transition. Rodney Stuckey was behind the play but saw it happening and busted booty back to muck up Wall's path to the hoop, create a loose ball which eventually went off Otto Porter to give possession back to the Pacers. At this point, fatigue was obvious as several players remained on the floor after the scrum, trying to catch their breath just to get up.

- Down two in the first overtime, Paul George pump faked from three-land, stepped in and coolly drained a contested 19-footer to tie the game. OK, this was no little thing but a HUGE bucket considering the shooter and the circumstances. PG just made is seem like a little thing with the way he calmly walked back to the bench when the Wiz called timeout.

There were plenty more gutty plays, so feel free to share you favorite in the comments.

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