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Pacers control playoff destiny but odds still not in their favor

The Pacers needed some help to make the playoffs and the Bulls delivered by beating the Nets. But the Pacers still have work to do before making post-season plans.

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The Brooklyn Nets appear to be fading as they limp to the end of the regular season, but that doesn't mean their playoff hopes are dead. According to numberFire, despite the blowout loss at home, the Nets remain the favorite to finish eighth among the group of three teams vying for the final playoff spot.

The Pacers and Heat complete that trifecta and their lower odds are surely due to the schedule. Well, for the Heat, they can win out and still be out. But the Pacers have two tough games, at least on paper, remaining with Washington at home and then on the road at Memphis on Wednesday. That leaves them with a 40.4% chance of making the playoffs via numberFire as the numbers continue to shift..

Brooklyn's loss on Monday, did improve the Pacers percentages of making the postseasonThe Nets just have one game remaining against the Magic in Brooklyn, so the current odds seem to expect the Pacers to lose at least one of their remaining games.

Here are the updated playoff odds since yesterday of the remaining three teams fighting for the eighth spot in the East:

  1. Nets - 53.2% (down 16.0%)
  2. Pacers - 40.4% (up 11.5%)
  3. Heat - 6.5% (up 3%)

At least Vegas has the Pacers as seven-point favorites to beat the Wizards on Tuesday night. One at a time.

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