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Pacers need Rodney Stuckey back more than Paul George

The return of Paul George is a nice story but the Pacers really need a healthy Rodney Stuckey to return if they want to make the playoffs this season.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers continually answer the questions about when Paul George may return and while the team's star appears ready to make an appearance, Frank Vogel and Co. likely are more concerned about getting Rodney Stuckey back in the mix.

No disrespect to the Pacers' max star, but the team is still playing for this season and unbelievably still only one game out of the playoffs. To make that post-season goal, Stuckey's healthy return is far more important.

With a healthy roster (sans PG), Stuckey finally found his niche on the team, coming off the bench and providing a big offensive boost. the Pacers were 9-3 when Stuckey scored in double figures after moving to the bench. The team's recent slide was fortified by Stuckey's calf acting up and his production starting to wane before eventually missing the last three games.

That was Frank Vogel yesterday, giving hope to the return of Stuckey against Dallas on Sunday night. Hopefully, David West joins him and the Pacers can mount one last rally to make a push for the playoffs.