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Turnovers slow down streaking Pacers

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After limiting turnovers during their best stretch of the season, the turnover bug returned in the last two games causing the Pacers to struggle.

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When the Pacers held on to beat the Bucks in overtime last Thursday, the glow of their seventh consecutive win diminished the glare of a season-high 20 turnovers which nearly caused the streak to end. Throughout the seven game win streak this was the first time the Pacers had over 15 turnovers in a game. In fact, it was the first time in seven weeks, dating back to a Jan. 23 loss at Miami, in part thanks to 16 turnovers, that the Pacers had over 15 turnovers.

That magic numbers has been a good tell for the Pacers' level of play. With 15 or fewer turnovers the Pacers are 27-20 but with more than 15 donations, their record is 3-15 which includes the loss to Boston on Saturday with 17 turnvovers.

The beauty of the recent run of success has been a return to stout defense and an offense which has shared the ball, found the open man and created quality shots. The Pacers are a classic team this season relying on a strong effort at both ends of the floor to play better than the individual sum of their talent. When they get sloppy with the ball they become a team that is likely to lose.

As the schedule strengthens for the stretch run, beginning with the Toronto Raptors at the Fieldhouse on Monday, limiting those turnovers will be one key needed to succeed.

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