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Burglar receives 16-year sentence for robbing Paul George

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Justice was served in case of the burglar who stole valuables from Paul George's house.

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Paul George knows a thing or two about theft on the basketball court, finishing among the league leaders in steals the past couple of years he's been able to play. But the thief who tried to literally steal from PG's house during Game 5 of the Pacers first-round playoff series against Atlanta last spring officially fouled out this week and won't be back in the game for 16 years.

Michael Lewis (no relation) was arrested back in September for the burglary that took place on April 28 when the thief-genius knew PG was at his other 'House (Bankers Life) putting in work on the court. Lewis swiped items valued at more than $16,000 from PG, including his NBA All-Star ring worth about $15,000, a $700 watch, a pair of Jordan 4 Toro shoes and $20. Unfortunately for the career criminal, he's not as good at his craft as PG.

Online court records state that Lewis, who was originally charged with burglary, theft and being a habitual offender, entered a plea of guilty on Tuesday. A plea agreement accepted by the court dismissed the theft charge, but Lewis will serve time for felony burglary and habitual offender offenses.

Lewis was sentenced to six years on the burglary charge and 10 years on the habitual offender charge, court documents state. The first 14 years of his sentence will be served at the Indiana Department of Correction, and the final two years will be spent on work release.

For the record, Paul George had six steals of his own that night to go along with 26 points, 12 rebounds and six assists. The Pacers came up short on the scoreboard, though losing 107-97 to the Hawks and falling behind 3-2 in the series. But similar to the burglary case, everything worked out well for PG and the Pacers in the end.