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C.J. Miles does his thing to help push Pacers past Cavaliers

The Pacers streaky shooting guard turned a bad night into a memorable one by making big plays at both ends of the court.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers came up huge when it mattered at the Fieldhouse on Friday night, rallying from a 13-point, third-quarter deficit to beat LeBron James and the Cavaliers, ending the visitor's 12-game winning streak.

George Hill made huge plays. Solomon Hill turned into a monster down the stretch. Roy Hibbert drained shots and teamed up with David West to hold down the D around the rim.

C.J. Miles also came up huge against his old team, scoring 16 of his team-high 26 points in the fourth quarter after getting white hot from behind the arc. Miles has been streaky good and streaky bad in games this season, but in this one he shook off an early case of the clanks to find his rhythm and rip up the Cavs.

Miles made it look easy and that's what it felt like when the shots started falling.

"Everything is just smooth," Miles said. "All of the motions feel effortless like they feel like everything you work on before the game, after practice or when you come back at night. There's no thought process, everything is just, boom. It's all muscle memory. Everything is confident. Everything is tight"

But things weren't so "tight" earlier in the game. Through the third quarter, Miles made just one of seven three-point attempts, before draining his last three big shots in the fourth. What flipped the switch?

Just seeing the ball go through the hoop.

Midway through the third quarter Miles missed the first of two free throws, but he made the second. Miles subbed out but knew he would be a factor when he returned.

"When I came out of the game, I told them on the bench, that that was it, I'm just one away," Miles said.

Sure enough, when he returned in the fourth quarter, Miles hit is first jumper and then the threes started raining. But Miles didn't just get it done on the offensive end. His biggest moment may have been on the defensive glass.

With the Pacers up three, just under a minute left, the Cavs appeared to have an offensive rebound for a killer second-chance hoop. But instead, Miles wrestled the ball away from Iman Shumpert, then held strong to take a foul. His two free throws put the Pacers up five, creating a potential four-point swing that helped the Pacers seal the win.

"I saw everybody else go up in the air and I was too late to go up," Miles said. "I knew when he came down he wasn't going to be able to see me and as he came down I waited for him and got my hands on it. I was able to rip it out of there."