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Pacers back in Flo-Jo jerseys for NBA Hardwood Classics look against Pistons

Hard to believe the Pacers Flo-Jo uniforms are now classics but time flies when you're having fun, so now some 20 years later the Pacers will return to the court wearing the popular uniform style from a popular time in the team's history.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Pacers will break out a popular former uniform style on Wednesday when they host the Detroit Pistons in the Flo-Jo jerseys worn for six seasons starting in 1990-91 as the team ascended up the ranks of the Eastern Conference.

The Pacers will wear the classic unis for five home games and one roadie. Fittingly the road game will be against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden (April 8) where Reggie Miller put the Flo-Jo's to good use. Here are the home dates:

- Detroit, Feb. 4

- Golden State, Feb. 22

- Cleveland, Feb. 27

- Orlando, Mar. 10

- Dallas, Mar. 29

As for the designer and her connection to Indy, Florence Griffith Joyner combined style on the track, complete with unique running uniforms, flowing hair and fancy fingernails, with flash in her dash during an impressive run to gold in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Even her nickname "Flo-Jo" was as smooth as her stride on the track.

Flo-Jo's popularity began to soar before Seoul, instead taking off in Indianapolis when she drew all of the attention at the U.S. Olympic trials at IUPUI. Her 100 meter quarterfinal run of 10.49 seconds shattered the world record. The mark has often been scrutinized for potential wind and an era of steroid use, but Flo-Jo was clean in every test and the wind measure was never changed leaving that mark as the sprinting standard for women to this day.

Here's is here record run in Indy.

Even the announcers were questioning the record, but with the way she separated from the field there was no doubt she was the fastest woman in the world. has some fun stories to accompany the throwback unis.

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