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NBA Trade Deadline: Will the Pacers make a move?

With NBA trade reports flying around on deadline day, the Pacers could be buyers, sellers or simply stand pat and take off for Philadelphia where they play the 76ers on Friday night.

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The NBA trade deadline passes at 3 pm ET today with the Pacers remaining involved in rumors.

According to various reports, Larry Bird would like to keep his team's core together for the return of Paul George in full next season but everyone except Paul George could be dealt for the right price and/or draft picks. So, pretty much like every year with the Pacers.

At this time yesterday, Goran Dragic was a hot topic but the idea of a long-term deal working out didn't make sense and now Chris Brousard report, Dragic wouldn't be willing to make it work, if the Pacers were to try.

Brian Shaw is interested in George Hill which could make Ty Lawson available to the Pacers. A true point guard who does classic point guard things with the ability to get in the lane would alter how the Pacers play at both ends. He's also locked up for $12-13 million over the next two seasons which is reasonable for a starting point guard who is averaging 17 points, 10 assists this season. Lawson missed Denver's practice yesterday which seems strange and wasn't appreciated by Shaw.

Broussard also has the Pacers checking in on prying Reggie Jackson away from Oklahoma City. Hmm, two point guards may be a coincidence, but three seems like a trend. Can they deal for a point guard upgrade and keep GHill as the back-court Swift Army knife?

Stay tuned as we see if all of the Pacers take the flight to Philly later today. Candace Buckner has a nice look at the players' perspective on the trade deadline. They continue to take care of the business they can control on the court while understanding the business side off the court. C.J. Miles grew up in the NBA and offers a veteran take on the situation. He doesn't bother to follow all of the unsubstantiated rumors flying around, preferring to wait until Larry Bird hands him a plane ticket to a new city for confirmation. Miles also shared the mind-set a team of individuals has to take in the business of basketball.

"Luckily, I got to see it the second I was drafted, during summer league my first year," Miles said. "I saw guys get traded during summer league. I saw them at shootaround and came to the game at 5:30 and they were gone! That was the first time I realized, 'oh.'

"So being able to see it early was good for me. It hurts because you make friendships with guys and you become like brothers in that locker room but in the back of your mind you know. The person whoever gets traded, they understand that, too. It's still not fun but definitely, you know it's there."

Stay tuned and share your thoughts in the comments as news continues to unfold throughout the day.

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