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Paul George looking at a return to playing in mid-March

Paul George is expected to return to practice at the beginning of March, stating his intentions to return to action by as soon as March 14.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Indiana Pacers had a March 1 return for Paul George to begin practicing, there's been a fair amount of uncertainty regarding whether George would actually do more than simply practice. But George gave clearer intentions today to Marc J. Spears, stating his goal to return to game action next month.

Not only has George given a indication towards his return, but has gone so far as to set a hardline date; March 14 at home against the Boston Celtics. The recovery for George's August 1 leg injury has had no setbacks since his recovery began, so while a return to practice is a positive note, a full return to game action for an entire month of the regular season?

In what was figuring to be a lost season where the Pacers would reload for future seasons, the Eastern Conference has kept Indiana alive for a potential playoff push and a 4-1 stretch heading into the All-Star break stands to move things further away from any major transactions with the trade deadline approaching if George is in fact eyeing a return to action.

Also, while the well-being of George beyond this season is of the franchise's utmost concern, the injury being limited to the bone make it difficult to know what to expect in terms of any dangers George may face in his return. But there are advantages to George finding playing time this season in order to move forward into next season, regardless of what kind of impact he makes in terms of Indiana's season record.

Heading into the All-Star break, the Pacers are just two games out of the playoffs at 21-33 on the season.