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Pacers can't beat Warriors at their own game

The Pacers learned quickly that trying to beat the Warriors at their own game is a good way to get run out of the gym.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors killed the Pacers will early and often.

Say all you want about the Pacers defense, but the early assault by the Warriors that knocked the Pacers to the canvas was fueled more by poor offense and frustration.

The early minutes of the game were fast and furious and the Pacers took that action to the Dubs as the teams went back and forth quickly with shots fired within 10-15 seconds max.

But then the Pacers came up empty on nine consecutive possessions which included seven missed shots, a turnover and a pair of missed free throws. The Warriors cashed in eight of those empty trips, normally in a few seconds, scoring 20 points during a lethal 22-0 run.

Sorry, but there was no transition defense that could slow down the Dubs. Knowing that put pressure on the Pacers to score, but settling for jumpers that clanked continued to compound the problem and soon the frustration and desperation mounted into a palpable pile of the end of the first quarter.

Sure the Pacers made a late rally, but this game was over after the early transition haymakers.

Prior to the game, Frank Vogel mention he always has the urge to add some smashmouth basketball to what the Pacers do, but not against the Warriors.

"This game is going to be played with space and speed and three-point shooting and uptempo styles of play on both ends," Vogel said.

Yes it was and the Pacers couldn't handle the pace, instead flying off the rails.

Vogel also said that the Warriors are "light years ahead" of where the Pacers are in terms of their space and pace attack. Also true, and the effort to beat the Warriors at their own game turned out to be a flawed plan which was evident before the end of the first quarter.