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Warriors vs. Pacers: Remember when Paul George shut down Steph Curry?

It is hard enough to slow down Steph Curry but in their last healthy matchup at the Fieldhouse, Paul George locked up Curry in the fourth quarter of a fantastic game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers are next.

The Golden State Warriors have yet to lose a game this season and on Tuesday night the Pacers get their first crack at the Dubs.

The last time Paul George was healthy and the Warriors played the Pacers at the Fieldhouse, the two teams put on an epic battle as the Pacers wiped away a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter before Klay Thompson rose up and hit a contested baseline jumper over George Hill for the game winner.

Why was GHill guarding Thompson?

Because Paul George was busy smothering Stephen Curry.

PG didn't guard Curry throughout the whole game but when he did, Curry struggled which was most obvious in the fourth quarter. Curry played the final six minutes of the game and Golden State took a 12-point lead shortly after Curry returned to the court. In an effort to force the action, Frank Vogel had PG hound Curry from the mid-court line and it worked. The Pacers tied the game with two minutes remaining and had a shot for the lead that Paul George missed before Thompson broke Hoosier hearts.

Regardless of the outcome, PG's down and dirty defense on Curry was memorable. Down the stretch Curry scored no points with no assists, taking just one shot - a forced three-pointer over tight coverage by PG - and had three turnovers. Curry had four turnovers in the game, two ripped by PG leading to breakaway opportunities at the other end.

These were two completely different teams in 2014 compared to the two teams matching up on Tuesday at the Fieldhouse. For some perspective on the difference, consider that Jermaine O'Neal played 30 minutes off the bench for the Warriors. But what remains the same is that PG and Curry will be the best players on the floor.

During the Dubs' 22-0 start teams have thrown everything at Curry in a failed attempt to slow him down. Speed, length, strength, numbers, it seems nothing can slow down Curry as he is in the midst of the most productive stretch of shooting and scoring the NBA has ever seen.

The Warriors now have several options to kill you if Curry doesn't, so will the Pacers take their chances with the rest and put PG on Curry? Vogel loves to game plan and the Warriors offer him the ultimate challenge this year.

This is what makes the matchup so intriguing and why NBA TV made sure to add it to their broadcast schedule. The Pacers have the defensive chops to throw a variety of looks at the Warriors, which means having PG shadow Curry the whole game is unlikely. In fact, the two may only tangle due to a defensive switch considering PG will have to score himself otherwise the defense won't matter.

But when the two are matched up, PG in a deep defensive stance with arms outstretched and Curry surveying with the dribble, you won't be able to turn away before seeing what happens next.