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Pacers final score: Pacers collapse against Jazz, losing 122-119 in overtime

Paul George had 48 and Rodney Stuckey had 23, but costly mistakes in late game situations let a winnable game slip from Indiana's grasp in OT.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

A back and forth game late favored the Utah Jazz at the end with the Jazz outlasting the Indiana Pacers in overtime. The Pacers overcame a 17-point third quarter deficit to hold a lead late in regulation, but miscues gave Utah a crucial three point play to end regulation. Indiana once again leading in overtime, were unable to stop Derrick Favors, who had a career high 35, resulting in the frustrating loss.

Paul George had a career high 48 points in a losing effort, grabbing eight rebounds. Rodney Stuckey had a season high 23. The Pacers were manhandled all night on the glass, resulting in a 54-44 deficit, allowing 19 offensive rebounds to the Jazz. Utah also had 56 points in the paint, controlling the game late with their play inside.

All credit to the Jazz for coming up with big play after big play in the clutch to close the game out, but this was an inexcusable loss for the Pacers. Ian Mahinmi and Lavoy Allen each fouled out, leaving Jordan Hill (who had five himself) the lone big for the Pacers. But it was costly mistakes by all three of them late that helped put Utah into the win column tonight.

The failure to close the win puts Indiana in a difficult position to end the road trip. While they split their road trip at 2-2, they take a two game losing skid into a game against the Golden State Warriors, who stand to be a perfect 22-0 when they square off in Indianapolis on Tuesday.