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NBA 2K16 simulation has Pacers beating Warriors next week

When will the Golden State Warriors finally lose a game? According to NBA 2K16, the Warriors will take their first L at Bankers Life Fieldhouse after winning their first 22 games.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For the past few weeks, my two boys and I have marveled at the wins stacked up by the Golden State Warriors. I always end the discussion by saying that any win streak won't get past Dec. 8 when the Dubs take on the Pacers at The Fieldhouse.

"Yeah, right," has been the normal response, although what started as good-natured banter has become a more realistic proclamation as the Pacers stacked up more wins than expected in November. Now I have some news that will really impress my boys, chronic NBA 2K16 ballers.

The folks at NBA 2K16 ran a simulation of the Warriors current run and has the streak ending at 22 games with a 103-99 loss to the Pacers!

According to the simulated box score, the Pacers will start quick, fade in the middle and then finish with a flurish, scoring 35 points in the fourth quarter to overcome an eight-point deficit after three quarters.

The Pacers won't slow down the Dubs but will hurt them in the paint with 40 points. More critical, both teams will have the clanks from behind the arc which definitely favors the Pacers. Sounds like Paul George smothering Stephen Curry which is something we've seen before. In fact, if the Warriors only make 4 of 16 three-pointers next Tuesday, the Pacers should win by double digits.

Here are the simulated stats run by NBA 2K16 that would give the Pacers a win over the Warriors. Enjoy!