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Pacers links: Pacers honor Mel Daniels, ready to unveil Hickory Pacers uniform

The Pacers wrapped up an emotional week with a beautiful and fitting memorial for Mel Daniels.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers family rallied for a spectacular memorial service to honor the life and impact of Mel Daniels who died suddenly last week at age 71.

The Pacers live streamed the ceremony and have it available here, if you were unable to watch live.  Reggie, Slick, Neto and among other -- the tributes and stories made this a ceremony I didn't want to see end. Well done!

From honoring a legend to honorarium, the Pacers will play  the Miami Heat on Friday in their Hickory Pacers uniforms, inspired  by the movie 'Hoosiers' under the guise of honoring basketball in Indiana. Of course, this is more about marketing the Pacers and a new Angelo Pizzo movie than  the history of the game in the Hoosier state.

The Pacers will use the Marketing vehicle to honor different high school teams, starting on Friday with the 1911 Crawfordsville state champs. But again, any contrived controversy over not wearing actual high school uniforms or choosing the wrong teams to honor is misplaced.

This is about selling a movie and 'Hoosiers' is not the primary movie being sold. It surely isn't a coincidence that Pizzo is releasing a rare new movie, 'My All American' next week which I am looking forward to seeing.

All Pacers fans should too, since it has helped create a Marketing boon for the Pacers who have rolled out the Hickory marketing plan with exceptional execution.

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