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Paul George more interested in matching up with Kobe Bryant than seeing Roy Hibbert

The Pacers star is excited about heading back to SoCal for a couple of games in what my be his final matchup at Staples Center against Kobe Bryant.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers will spend a few days in Los Angeles, playing the Lakers on Sunday night and then sticking around to play the Clippers on Wednesday. That means former Pacers center Roy Hibbert will face his old team for the first time following a not-so-amicable parting of ways this summer.

But that's business and the personal relationships Hibbert forged in Indy remain which is why Paul George is looking forward to seeing his former teammate.

"It will be fun to just reunite with the big bro," George said. "I look forward to it, we'll probably catch a dinner and just catch up."

The reunion will have to wait until after the game, so what PG is more excited about is playing in SoCal against his boyhood hero Kobe Bryant.

"It's more important matching up with Kobe than seeing Roy," PG said.

Both the Lakers and Kobe have been struggling (to be kind) so far this season which gives the Pacers a chance for a good start to their road trip. Regardless of the circumstances, George expects a  "special" night against the Lakers this time around since it could be his last time going against Kobe in front of family and friends back home.