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Kadeem Jack fresh out of New Brunswick, NJ to the lovely Indianapolis Indiana. Here to solidify the Pacers front court.

Who is this Kadeem Jack guy? He was signed to the Pacers today meaning the Pacers training camp roster is at 18 guys. But what does this guy bring to the table, what does he not?

Kadeem Jack is a rookie fresh off of his four stint at Rutgers, hungry for an opportunity in the NBA and a guy who adds another front court body and offers minutes off of the bench.

Well, Kadeem Jack is big first off. Jack stands at 6’9, weighing in at 235 lbs. Those are numbers are a solid starting ground for a guy who can swing between the F/C positon. Now at the center position he may be a bit under sized as most NBA centers are in the 6’10 plus range.

Looking at Jacks numbers, he seems to be solid. According to sports-reference, he averaged 31.0 minutes per game. Jack took on a heavy load for Rutgers and was a key component of their offense this past season. Jacks numbers back this up, as he averaged 13.0 pts per game, while shooting 42% from the floor. When watching some footage of Jack play, he looks to be a solid player but one who is not going to be a superstar, or wow the crowd. Jack seems to show his greatest value in his ability to get up and down the floor. At 6’9 he is quick enough to get out and transition and score some easy buckets. Jack is not the quickest guy, but quick enough for most of the bigger guys he’ll probably be seeing.

On the defensive end of the floor, Jack seems to show signs of being solid, but again nothing too special. He has the ability to guard a few smaller guys, but is not quick enough to keep in front of most. Asking him to step out and guard someone at the 1-2 spot wont happen, he will get blown by most of the time. On the low block he is pretty good defender, but like his other attributes each needs a little work and is not going to wow anybody.

The most interesting stat for Jack, is his solid 3p% at 33%. Jack did not shoot a lot of threes (1.6 attempts per game), but for a guy who will be playing primarily PF, that number is not too shabby. Of course compared to others in the NBA who are now playing in the four spot, it may not look as good, but those guys (Melo, PG, Lebron, etc.) are playing a little out of position in a traditional basketball sense. In the footage I watched of Jack, his shooting did seem to be a little awkward, his arms not in the best spots, and overall a pretty average looking jumper. This is backed up with his 63% from the line, which is a poor percentage in college or the NBA.

With Jacks fairly average game overall, I see him being used as a more traditional four guy who offers a lift off of the bench. Expect to see him on the low block more than other guys and involved in a pretty small role for the team overall. Maybe Larry and Vogel are trying to send a message by signing Jack, maybe not, but realistically; Jack just solidifies the front court for the Pacers by adding another body to throw in the post.