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Pacers open season with 50/1 title odds

The Pacers are long shots for the 2016 NBA Championship, but this isn't a surprise.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It's not a real surprise the Indiana Pacers aren't expected to contend for an NBA Championship in 2015-16. Such a scenario unfolding would require crippling injury scenarios or crippling management decisions from at least five of the top teams in the East, which would then result in the Pacers getting to square off against one of at least five legitimate title contenders from the Western Conference.

It will be easier for Indiana to miss the playoffs than win the NBA Championship, but that doesn't have to limit your blind fandom from putting money down on the Indiana Pacers to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy next June. The Pacers are currently 50/1 favorites to win the NBA title on, which despite being how it looks, does put Indiana in the mid-tier of the NBA for title expectations, which really just shows how few teams each year stand a chance to win it all.

But that's always been the reality of the NBA.

On the night of the season tip-off, nearly 80% of the play is going towards the teams you'd most expect to playing in early June at the latest:

Cleveland Cavaliers (11/4 favorite title odds) - 21% of play
Golden State Warriors (9/2 title odds) - 17%
Oklahoma City Thunder (8/1) - 13%
Los Angeles Clippers (10/1) - 9%
Chicago Bulls (16/1) - 7%
San Antonio Spurs (7/2) - 6%
Houston Rockets (16/1) - 6%

No one else totals over 1% of the remaining 20%, but again, that's not a surprise. The money lines aren't going to be far off from good ol' fashion analysis, with the seven most popular plays lining with up Zach Lowe's top seven teams for the season.

More can be found on, but further on the odds for Indiana, the Pacers are not only 50/1 favorites to win the title, but 25/1 favorites to win the East, which puts them in the 6-8 range. Indiana is also 20/1 favorites to win the Central Division, arguably the most competitive division in the East.

As far an over/under line, the Pacers are set at 41 1/2 wins for the year, which pegs Indiana to either set up a season of the age old "Indy .500" moniker or gel and make a push into the postseason, where the excitement of postseason basketball will overshadow the 50/1 title odds, at least for hopefully a couple of rounds.