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Pacers waive Toney Douglas and Terran Petteway to finalize regular season roster

The Pacers made their final roster moves to reach the 15-player limit as they prepare to open the season in Toronto on Wednesday.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Terran Petteway Era for the Indiana Pacers didn't last very long.

Before anyone knew the Pacers signed Petteway on Sunday, the team waived the former Nebraska star on Monday. Surely there were some logical roster machinations involved past bringing Petteway in for a 24-hour look. As Nate Taylor reports, Petteway will now end up lacing 'em up in Fort Wayne with the Mad Ants. Petteway spent most of the preseason in Atlanta before the Hawks waived him last Thursday.

As for Toney Douglas, he performed pretty well for the Pacers and seemed like a worthy heir to the reserve point guard spot on the roster held by Donald Sloan last season. But in reality, the Pacers signed Douglas as a safety precaution just in case rookie Joe Young didn't live up to expectations.

While Douglas may appear like a more useful option than Shayne Whittington, the minor money savings and interest in continuing to develop Whittington as a spread four option, made Douglas the odd man out with the 15-man limit.

So the Pacers head into the season with no real point guard, but instead a rotation of four combo guards with George Hill, Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey and Joe Young set to handle the backcourt duties.