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Pacers Injury Update: George Hill out against Celtics, several others questionable

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The Pacers play the Celtics on Friday night but just who is available to play for the Pacers remains up in the air.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers' day-to-day injury report remains a head-shaking excercise as the team returns home to play the Celtics at the Fieldhouse on Friday night.

It is getting to a point where it will soon be more efficient to list the healthy players who are available for a game, as opposed to those out or questionable due to injury.

Twitter's 140 character limit surely doesn't offer enough room to report the injury news as we found out today when the Pacers used a pair of tweets for their latest update.

When the Pacers shut down George Hill for the full road trip, there was some hope he would return to action when the team returned to the Fieldhouse. But apparently those hopes have been dashed. Roy Hibbert and Rodney Stuckey each tweaked their respective injuries and their availability depends on how they feel around game time.

If you are looking for good news, Ian Mahinmi being listed as questionable will have to suffice. C.J. Watson is dealing with a lingering foot issue, and as he told Candace Buckner, he is going to by day-to-day for the rest of the season. That's not good news.