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C.J. Watson assessed $5,000 flopping fine for theatrics against Jazz

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The Pacers point guard earned his second flopping violation of the season which will cost him some cash.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers guard C.J. Watson has only played in 18 of his team's 36 games this season but he now leads the league in anti-flopping violations after getting tagged after the fact for a flop early in the Pacers' win over the Jazz on Monday night, which will cost him $5,000.

The play came in the first quarter when the 6'2 guard was faced with boxing out 7'1 center Rudy Gobert on the glass. As you can see, Watson successfully drew a second foul on Gobert instead of trying to grab the rebound.

Here are a few more angles from video.

Since this was Watson's second violation of the NBA's anti-flopping rule, he was hit with the fine. Watson received a warning for his first violation in Detroit on Dec. 26 when he tried a similar stunt against Pistons' big man, Greg Monroe. There was no foul on that one, instead a bucket for Detroit.

If Watson continues catching the eye of the league's flopping police, his next violation will cost him $10,000.