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Pacers Injury Update: George Hill closer to return after full practice with Pacers

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The Pacers need a spark after losing five straight games and the return of their starting point guard in some capacity would certainly help.

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With the losses mounting and the Pacers in need of something, anything to shake them out of a rut, having George Hill go through practice on Tuesday had to help. If he survives the extra work and can play a few minutes in Atlanta on Wednesday, even better.

According to Candace Buckner, GHill will be evaluated prior to the game after ramping up his activity on the team's off day.

Even if Hill showed up 100 percent and ready to roll, the Pacers still face a stiff challenge against the white-hot Hawks. But Indiana's frustration has seemed palpable on the court of late and working Hill into the mix as soon as possible can only help as they try to grind their way back to a higher level of play.

This could shake up backcourt options for FanDuel players on Wednesday, as well. Hill would be a risky, albeit inexpensive, play since he will surely be on a minutes limit if cleared to play. But his presence in small bunches may help the Pacers actually limit the effectiveness of Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver.

The way the Pacers have been giving up points to backcourt scorers, both Hawks' guards would be solid plays for the money.

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