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Pacers Injury Update: George Hill out against Bucks, C.J. Watson questionable

After a few days at full strength, the Pacers will be thin in the backcourt when they tip off 2015 in Milwaukee on Friday.

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Pacers point guard George Hill looked fantastic on New Year's Eve as he made plays and big shots to help beat the Miami Heat. Looks are often decieving, though as Hill strained a groin which will keep him out of the lineup in Milwaukee, according to Jeremiah Johnson.

With Hill's backup, C.J. Watson also questionable, Donald Sloan will be back in the mix for heavy minutes, if not a spot in the starting lineup. Hill has been working his way back into shape, playing on a minutes limit for most of the last five games, his first of the season.

Those minutes increased against Miami, but as GHill told Candace Buckner, he still wasn't 100 percent despite not disclosing the pain he was feeling which will keep him out tonight.

"You know when they say 'You're frontin'?'" Hill said. "I'm frontin' right now. I'm out there tired as heck. I can't show that I'm tired, but deep down inside, being off 2 ½ months, your body gets fatigued quickly."

The Bucks also have injuries to deal with, though they have still been playing well. With Larry Sanders out, Zaza Pachulia is starting at center. When in Atlanta, Pachulia was a problem for Roy Hibbert which may make him a good, budget option for your Fan Duel tournaments on Friday. Add a dirt-cheap Donald Sloan to an elite point guard and you should be in good shape.

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