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Pacers Links: Pacers turn into pushovers against Hornets

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The Pacers continued failing to find a way to win close games in Charlotte on Saturday where they lost a clank-filled OT battle against the Hornets.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

If you need a quick Vine recap of the Pacers lost to Charlotte, the quick clip of Lance Stephenson knocking down Roy Hibbert as both made their way up the court will suffice.

In the most disingenuous answer possible following the game, Stephenson downplayed his nudge and put the blame on Hibbert.

"I didn't hit him that hard," Stephenson said. "He flopped. You can't knock down big Roy. C'mon now."

Heh, c'mon, Lance, you know as well as anyone that knocking down Hibbert doesn't even require a nudge in most cases. While it didn't look like Roy flopped, the Pacers certainly flopped down the stretch and in overtime, once again failing to find the necessary buckets to close out a close win.

The Pacers need George Hill back in a hurry, although it sounds like he's still iffy for Houston on Monday. C.J. Watson is simply not right with foot issues and the Pacers are struggling without a floor leader to make things work down the stretch.

With road games against the Rockets and Hawks over the next four days, altering the results will be difficult but that doesn't rule out playing better and finding a way to generate some offense. Something, anything will be better because this is getting painful to watch.

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