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Pacers final score: Hornets defeat Pacers 80-71 in OT

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The Pacers scored just three in overtime to cap a pitiful offensive performance from both teams as Indiana loses their fourth straight. David West led the Pacers with 19.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers forced OT against the Charlotte Hornets, but judging on the play in the extra period, they may have been better off not getting there, falling in spectacular fashion in overtime, slipping in their fourth straight loss. The Pacers lost to a Hornets team that shot 30.7% on the night, but thanks to Indiana's turnovers and Charlotte's rebounding, got 17 extra shots.

The Pacers got a big second quarter from David West, who had a team high 19, but Indiana had just 31 points in the second half and overtime, dooming themselves with long stretches of scoreless basketball and being unable to take advantage of Charlotte's own droughts, getting outscored 12-3 in overtime.