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Pacers final score: Pistons edge Pacers 98-96

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An Andre Drummond flop set up Detroit for the game winning bucket with 0.3 seconds remaining. Brandon Jennings had 37 for the Pistons, sending Indiana into their third straight loss.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers allowed an Andre Drummond putback with 0.3 seconds remaining, allowing the Detroit Pistons to escape with a 98-96 victory. The Pacers had the ball, but Roy Hibbert was whistled for a crucial offensive foul on a Drummond flop that gave Detroit the ball back with 23.9 seconds remaining and for the putback.

Indiana led by 10 points in the third quarter, but Brandon Jennings exploded in the third quarter to bring Detroit back, giving them a lead and forcing Indiana to fight from behind. Indiana took a brief lead with 90 seconds left, but failed to come up with a stop on a tough call on Solomon Hill that put Jennings at the line for the go-ahead points. Indiana loses their third straight game and slips below Detroit in the standings. Hibbert led Indiana with 14 points.