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Pacers fall flat in Philly, lose to Sixers, 93-92

The Pacers battled foul trouble and a bout of the clanks all night but had a shot at the win which fell short.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Pacers had a chance for the win on their last possession was hard to believe.

After shooting 33 percent, including just four of 18 from 3-land, while also missing 12 free throws, the Pacers had done more than enough to lose to the Sixers. It just wasn't official until David West, who carried the Pacers with 28 points, was pushed just outside his money range on the Pacers final possession, leaving his potential game winner short and wide.

So it would be the 76ers who would celebrate winning back-to-back games after a smart game plan utilized their youthful athleticism and length to attack the Pacers at every chance for the 93-92 win. Flying to the rim put Roy Hibbert in foul trouble early and made him a non-factor until late in the fourth, when Hibbert's defense helped the Pacers climb back into position to try to steal the game.

With Hibbert on the bench early, his backup Lavoy Allen eventually was in the same predicament which force Ian Mahinmi into playing his first minutes in five weeks while returning from a foot injury. Mahinmi was not ready for prime time, nor a tight game and about that time in the three-pointers started raining down from the Sixers. Not known for their tree-point shooting prowess, the Sixers made 11 of 24 from behind the arc, which had the Pacers playing catchup in the fourth quarter.

The Pacers offense took a hit early in the game when their leading scorer of late, C.J. Miles was clobbered inadvertently in the eye and couldn't return to the game. Only David West could step up to fill the offensive void, but the ol' vet couldn't play every minute.

So on this night, energetic, athletic youth was able to get the better of veteran experience which leaves the Pacers with a dispiriting loss, just when they were hoping to make a run into playoff contention. For now, the Pacers have bigger problems, like trying to beat the Timberwolves in their next game on Tuesday.

Here's a solid Vine recap here while things went sideways early in the fourth quarter.