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Rick Fuson adds president to COO duties with Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Former PS&E president Jim Morris maintains a role at the Fieldhouse as vice chairman after helping the team improve their stature in the community over the past seven years.


Pacers Sports & Entertainment chairman and CEO Herb Simon announced on Tuesday that Rick Fuson would assume the role of president and chief operating officer for PS&E effective immediately.

Fuson, 61 tacks on the role of president to his prior COO title as former president Jim Morris steps aside. Morris, 71 will stay with the organization in a vice chairman role, certainly available to provide advice to Simon and the organization. Morris remains a giant figure in the local development and direction of Indianapolis as a sports-friendly city.

Morris joined the Pacers after the local community became disenchanted with the organization due to a series of events on and off the court from the brawl in Detroit to several unsavory headlines created by players in the community. He now steps aside after the team took great strides in improving their image off the court and then turned that goodwill into excitement on the court.

Fuson has been with the Pacers since 1984 and worked his way up to a leadership role that answers to Simon on the operations side of the franchise.

"This is not about change but continuity," Simon said. "Jim Morris will maintain his important leadership role in fostering and sustaining relationships in the community and throughout the state of Indiana. Rick Fuson over many years has shown himself to be a brilliant manager and trusted steward of PS&E and all its assets and will continue to do so."