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George Hill took one day off before getting back to work in the offseason

A frustrating end to the season didn't sit well with George Hill so he was back in the gym two days later preparing for the upcoming season. Good thing since his role expanded in the middle of the summer after the Pacers lost two starters.

Rob Carr

After the Indiana Pacers lost to the Miami Heat in the playoffs, the coaching staff expected the players to decompress, get away from the game and get healthy to renew their body, spirit and mind for another go at the Eastern Conference.

George Hill gave that a try for one day and then was back in the gym, according to Nate McMillan, apparently as frustrated as some fans with how his play fluctuated throughout the critical end of the season. Little did he know, by getting to work early with an eye on a bigger role with the team, he would NEED to assume that bigger role from the start of the season.

Hill won't be dumping the ball off to Lance Stephenson or Paul George before setting up behind the arc for a kick out. He's going to nee to spend more time in attack mode. Even if Hill doesn't play like a classic point guard, he's going to have to lead like one.

Kent Sterling from CBS Sports 1430-AM spoke with Mr. Sonic aka Pacers associate head coach Nate McMillan at the Pacers annual golf outing on Thursday. While discussing the offseason, McMillan singled out George Hill for his effort in the gym which started shortly after the Pacers were eliminated in the playoffs.

Kent Sterling: Who's the guy who has been working in the offseason who's made the jump from here to there?

Nate McMillan: Well, that's something that we want to see, but the guy that came into the gym two days after the playoffs were over was George Hill. He didn't like the way that he finished the season. He made the commitment two days after that season, or really after that last game, that he was going to be better. He worked all summer long on his game and with us losing Lance and losing Paul George, his (GHill's) role will really change this season. So we're going to need George to play well for us, he's been in the gym all summer long working on his game  and I anticipate him having a very good season.

Listen to the whole interview here: Nate on Kent Sterling