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Pacers Injury Update: Ian Mahinmi expects to miss start of training camp

The Pacers reserve center will take a cautious approach with his injured shoulder by limiting his activity in training camp which begins next week.

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Andy Lyons

Pacers reserve center Ian Mahinmi expects to be an observer next Tuesday when training camp begins as he and Frank Vogel confirmed on Thursday that he will likely miss the first two weeks of camp due to a left shoulder injury, as Candace Buckner reports.

The nagging shoulder injury has been an issue for Mahinmi in the past but was aggravated just before the start of the FIBA World Cup Basketball tournament which prevented Mahinmi from playing with France as they surprised the field with a run to the semifinals.

Instead, Mahinmi returned to rehab and while the injury isn't as severe as initially feared, is still something the team didn't want to fool around with and they certainly won't be in a rush to return Mahinmi to the court.

"It was very scary to me. I didn't really know if it was bad or not, so it happened once and I kept on practicing... it felt good, no problem," Mahinmi recalled. "And then the second time the very next day it happened again. So I went to the emergency room and took a few pictures of it and this is when we saw that it was a little bit worst than we thought. We had to call (Pacers head trainer) Josh (Corbeil) and obviously Larry and (general manager) Kevin Pritchard that I had injured my shoulder a little bit. Next thing you know, I had to come back here."

The missed training camp reps should free up some opportunities for Lavoy Allen and Shayne Whittington and camp invitee, Arinze Okuaku.

The news didn't hamper Mahinmi's sense of humor as he discussed fashion, France hoops and the upcoming season with JMV and Chris Hagan from the Pacers golf outing.