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Paul George keeps showing up in the news

The Pacers injured star was ripped by a New York judge and then defended by his lawyers. Oh, and his Reggie Miller interview aired, as well.

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George continues running through various news cycles despite the boot on his leg that prevents him from running on the court.

I was a bit surprised yesterday to hear Dan Dakich crushing PG for being a deadbeat dad to his (at least until paternity tests prove otherwise) 5-month-old daughter, which is how a Manhattan judge described George.

This seemed at odds with reports earlier in the summer that George paid for the hospital expenses for the child's delivery and was in fact preparing to fight for custody of the child. Not exactly the actions of a deadbeat dad.

Justice Matthew Cooper apparently isn't opposed to hyperbole and grandstanding from the stand. What better way for a judge to make headlines in NYC. But the judge still rules regardless of the words he uses and since PG apparently hasn't visited the child throughout the legal proceedings, it is easy to see where the judge is coming from.

George's lawyers responded, as Candace Buckner reports, explaining their intent to represent their client's best interest in a custody battle they would rather fight in Florida instead of New York, despite Judge Cooper's protestations.

Regardless, Tuesday was another rough day for Paul George Inc. as he continues to find non-basketball ways of making news.

For something a little more positive, PG tells Reggie Miller that his leg is showing signs of healing and he is starting to put more weight on the bone. Yep, that's good news. (via ProBasketball)