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Lance Stephenson did NOT try to ruin Roy Hibbert's wedding day

The Pacers center married his fiancee is true. Lance Stephenson making vicious comments about his former teammate is not true.


We LOVE the Internet, for without it we don't exist. A little known fact about the Big I, though -- not everything published, tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, etc. is true.

In the early evening on Saturday, we learned that Pacers center Roy Hibbert married his long-time fiancee, Valerie a little over a year after their initial plans to tie the knot. Ian Mahinmi posted a nice pic from the event.

Around the same time, I started getting a lot of "Did u see this?!?!" "Is this true?!" thanks to this tweet about Lance Stephenson supposedly ripping Hibbert.

For the record, this is not true. The excerpt cited in the tweet is from a satirical piece on Grantland which pokes fun at the poorly redacted scouting reports from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The fact many were willing to believe the faux comment tells you it is quite well done. Doesn't get any better than: "I'm from Brookly, I ain't never fished in my life."

So...congrats on the nuptials, Big Dawg!