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Team USA brings home a gold medal for Paul George

Team USA is bringing back a gold medal for Paul George which will serve a little consolation after a broken leg which will also break the Pacers upcoming season.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Team USA rolled past Serbia on Sunday to win the 2014 World Cup of Basketball with Kyrie Irving scoring 26 points to help lead the way in the 39-point win.

Even though Paul George was home in the early stages of recovering from his broken leg, he remained a part of the U.S squad and their quest to win the gold medal. Following the game, Irving made sure to remind everyone just how PG remained a part of the team and helped drive them to winning the World Cup championship.

"(George) has a lot to do with (the meaning of the gold)," Irving, who scored 26 points (7-for-7 from three-point range), told USA TODAY Sports. "This whole trip was mainly for Paul. Every single day, not taking anything for granted. It's a devastating thing that happened to one of my good friends. It's crazy, but for us to bring a gold medal back - and knowing he's going to get one - is exciting."

Coach Mike Krzyzewski also remebered George as an inspiration for the group to not only rally around but also help tighten the team bond.

"It took us to another level relationship-wise," said Irving, who played for Krzyzewski at Duke for a year. "Nobody's invincible, but one thing we can do is come together as a team and we did a great job of that. Every single day, for however many coach said it was, 50 days or something like that. I've gotten to know all these guys and this is something I'm going to remember the rest of my life."

Yayhoo. Glad everyone was so inspired by PG's injury for the Team USA cause which is about to force the Pacers to dump an NBA regular season.