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Pacers pursuit of Shawn Marion reportedly gaining steam

Shams Charania of RealGM has reported the Pacers are making a "strong push" for veteran forward Shawn Marion as Indiana looks for roster help following Paul George's injury.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

With the Indiana Pacers in need of wing help and Shawn Marion in need of a job, the mutual interest between the two has been increasing since the injury to Paul George this past Friday, with Shams Charania of RealGM reporting the Pacers are making a strong push for the 36-year-old small forward.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Pacers are making a strong push on Shawn Marion, placing calls into the free agent forward in recent days, league source tells RealGM.</p>&mdash; Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) <a href="">August 5, 2014</a></blockquote>

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This possibly heats up the pursuit of Marion, who is receiving strong interest from the Cleveland Cavaliers on a veteran minimum deal, the same the Dallas Mavericks have reportedly been willing to offer, with Marion reportedly meeting with Cavs brass on Monday.The Pacers can use the Disabled Player Exception to sign Marion at a higher value than Cleveland, but Marion's own wishes will likely come down to be the deciding factor in whether he wants to be a role player on an Eastern Conference contender like the Cavs, or play a much larger role in Indiana with a fringe playoff roster.

For Indiana, the acquisition of Marion would mean they are looking to remain in the mix for the Eastern Conference Playoffs in hopes that Marion can be a key contributor in Indiana's success for 2014-15, even as he enters his 16th season. This wouldn't be a surprising move for the Pacers, who despite potential incentives otherwise, would have their own reasons to stay competitive next season, and there certainly isn't a free agent option available capable of offering what Marion can.

All the while, Marion and his agent are also well aware of this, and may be using the Pacers as leverage towards working through a deal in Cleveland, but with reason to upgrade and fill in a necessary hole, there's no reason to believe the Pacers front office isn't making a "strong push" towards Marion.