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Knox Indy Pro Am season finale canceled after Paul George injury

The summer hoops celebration in Indy lost its star when Paul George injured his knee in Las Vegas which pushed the Knox Indy Pro Am to cancel their final night.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What was intended to be an entertaining celebration of basketball in Indy, lost all of its juice when Paul George went down with an injury last Friday, so the Knox Indy Pro Am decided to cancel their summer finale. PG was at the top of the billing for the Knox summer season finale, scheduled at IUPUI for this upcoming Saturday.

The game was supposed to include a special send off for Knox regular Lance Stephenson as he takes his game to Charlotte. Other Pacers and local NBA players were expected to play with hopes PG would bring in a few other big names to join him on his off weekend from USA Basketball. Carlos Knox had been working with George to make the summer finale special.

"Paul likes that our pro am gives fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their favorite players, and visa versa" Knox said. "He understands how important fans are to the game and appreciates all the support fans give him. He sees the Knox Indy Pro Am as a way he can say ‘thank you' and support something good in our community."

As it turns out, Donald Sloan was the headliner for what would be the KIPA summer finale last Saturday. Sloan wore PG's No. 24 and scored 22 points as his Blue Team lost 105-100. Let's hope Sloan starring in an evening when his team loses doesn't foreshadow what's ahead for the Pacers in the upcoming season. It's just hard not to feel that way, though.

If you bought tickets for the event on Aug. 9, you can be reimbursed through Pay Pal.