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Larry Bird frozen and thawed

Larry Bird got challenged by George Hill to take the ALS ice bucket challenge. And well, he delivered.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

That’s Larry Legend in the Pacers locker room allowing someone to drop ice water on top of him. The best part of this video may be that Larry decided to leave his socks on despite fully submerging his feet in water.

By the way, is Larry trying to get sick? Assuming that is a hot tub Bird falls into, he is going from extremely cold temperatures to extremely hot temperatures. Doesn’t he know extreme temperature changes can make you a mouth breather at night? There’s not many things worse than trying to fall asleep with your mouth wide open because your nose is stopped up.

But taking the challenge probably has more meaning to Bird than some teenager dropping ice on his friend.

Bird also challenged Jim Irsay to take the challenge.