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NBA, Social Media show unity with support for Paul George

As the outpouring of support for Paul George's speedy recovery proves, sometimes when basketball is forced to stop, solidarity, in turn, begins.

Ethan Miller

A horrifically gruesome leg injury. This is the really tough part of covering sports. The part where the fanaticism surrounding elite-level competition momentarily and appropriately ceases to really matter. The part where legitimate concern for Paul George's long-term health and overall well-being should, and does, trump any discourse about the immediate future of the Indiana Pacers or, more broadly, international basketball.

Yet, somehow in the midst of so profound a trauma, when the evaluation of stats and rosters temporarily stops as does the frenzy of off-season subplots, it becomes possible to develop a deeper understanding of the very real camaraderie that exists within the NBA community, the kinship that goes well beyond the seemingly all-important contests that take place on the court.

When players that are, or once were, rivals make genuine shows of support for a speedy recovery:

When yesterday's MVP and some of tomorrow's surefire Hall of Famers mourn the injury of a budding superstar:

When new as well as old teammates express raw, heartfelt emotion:

When those that have walked a similar path provide support and encouragement:

When a player briefly stops being just a teammate in order to be a much needed friend:

When various teams across the league send their well-wishes as a symbol of unity:

These are but a few examples of the outpouring of support for Paul George and genuine hope for his full recovery. Without question, in the days to come, there will be details about his surgery, a prognosis will be offered, headlines about the Pacers' immediate and long-term future will ensue, and Team USA will go on to compete without Indiana's star.  Even so, at this present time, for these brief moments, we, along with the league, can and should focus on Paul George, and appreciate the opportunity to witness the strong brotherhood and solidarity within the NBA .