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Paul George vows to return from injury better than ever

The Pacers star may no return to the court any time soon but he quickly let everyone know he will be back.

Ethan Miller

Less than two hours after sustaining a horrific leg injury during the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas, Paul George reassured fans and well-wishers that he is not done and looking forward to working his way back to the court.

PG was almost serenely calm while medical personnel carefully readied him and his broken leg for transport to the hospital. This while anyone near courtside including all of his USA Basketball teammates and staff struggled to digest the scene while no doubt all imagining what if it had been them lying there instead.

A full diagnosis and prognosis for return will no doubt be available in the days to come, but a long recovery lies ahead for PG regardless. Nice to see he is already in great spirits and ready to make the journey back.