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Lance Stephenson enjoying the good life in NYC this summer

After cashing in with the Charlotte Hornets in free agency, Lance Stephenson is spending some time back home and spending some of that new contract.

Mike Ehrmann

Lance Stephenson doesn't exactly enjoy dealing with the media. Unless he's done something special on the court or there's something in it for him, he'd just as soon pass on any ad hoc inquiries.

But in New York, blowing off the media has some consequences, so I couldn't help but laugh out loud when reading how Lance made an appearance in this New York Post article on Carmelo Anthony by Fred Kerber. While the article focused on Melo and the Knicks, Kerber couldn't let a slight pass, as he ended the article with a humorous swipe at Lance, who joined Melo and several other NBA players for workouts at a NYC gym.

One of the last to arrive was Stephenson, who pulled up as a passenger in a new Rolls Royce and then blew past the only questioner just like a guy who, well, pulled up as a passenger in a new Rolls Royce.

Here's a look at the Rolls Lance now enjoys which pairs nicely with his Bentley. Yep, Lance is officially off that rookie contract.