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Paul George is really set to become "PG-13"

Switching his number from 24 to 13, Paul George's new nickname is sure to be "PG-13." More importantly, let's all just hope that his game can one day again be Rated R.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What was once nothing more than conjecture is now set to become a reality. After weeks of speculation by bloggers, reporters, and the Twittersphere, ESPN's Business Correspondent, Darren Rovell, reports that Paul George will, in fact, be changing his number from 24 to 13:

According to Rovell, George, abiding by league rules, applied for the right to switch numbers prior to the NBA's deadline in March. In order to change his rating from PG to PG-13, Rovell adds that the Pacers' star, changing numbers on the same team, will have to "buy up all the remaining No. 24s from the marketplace."

Originally posited by Grantland's Bill Simmons, the Indy Star's Matt Glenesk speculated weeks ago that a change might actually be in the air when Paul George repeatedly used the Spanish word for thirteen on Twitter:

Tagging the below seen picture from Instagram with the words "the big return 13," Solomon Hill, sending his injured teammate well-wishes, hinted at and really, in retrospect, confirmed that Paul George would soon be swapping numbers:

Appearing to be ready to fully embrace the "PG-13" nickname, here is hoping that, when Paul George makes his epic comeback to the hardwood, his game will be Rated R and every silly superstition about his new number will become a forgotten thing of the past.