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Paul George injured in USA Basketball Showcase

Paul George suffered a gruesome injury in the early fourth quarter of the USA White vs. USA Blue scrimmage, halting the game as George was carried off on a stretcher.

Ethan Miller

What was intended to be a warm up scrimmage between the USA White and USA Blue team for the FIBA World Cup turned into the worst case scenario for not only all players involved in playing for their country, but especially for Paul George, who suffered a gruesome injury challenging a James Harden breakaway, coming down on the basket stanchion, snapping his leg and ending the game early in the fourth quarter.

George was wheeled out on a stretcher and will face uncertainty as news of the severity of his injury wait to surface. The immediate concern goes towards George and his well-being, as there will be plenty of time to mull over the status of Team USA, his recovery time, and the future of the Indiana Pacers in the coming days and weeks.