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Pacers Links: Cleveland clears space for LeBron James, Gordon Hayward about get paid, Pacers wait

The Pacers continue to wait for the NBA free agent landscape to clear up with an eye on where LeBron James ends up. Cleveland made a trade to make an official run at James, while Gordon Hayward signed a max offer sheet with Charlotte.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For a few minutes over night, former Brownsburg/Butler star Gordon Hayward attracted the NBA free agency spotlight after agreeing to a four-year, $63 million offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets. The Utah Jazz can match the offer and all reports indicate they intend to do so which means, Hayward is cashing in one way or the other.

Hayward's story slid into the background on Wednesday morning when the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Jarrett Jack or more precisely, Jarrett Jack's $6.3 million per year contract in a three-team, multi-player trade which officially carved out enough cap space for a max contract offer for some not-so-small forward who played in Miami last year.

With the Cavs loaded up for their big swing with LeBron, some sort of resolution to the biggest free agent question this summer should be in the works soon. Then the Pacers can get back to figuring out their future roster as all of the Plan B's and C's for teams left without LeBron but with cap space will start falling into place. Lance Stephenson, I'm talking to you.

Lots of mixed reaction to Hayward's big deal. Also, the Pacers tip off against the Thunder in Summer League action later this afternoon.

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